Categories 2020

Our awards categories for this year

Start-up Business of the Year

New and innovative start-up with high performance & growth

“And provide for us sustenance, and You are the best of providers.” Surah Al Maida, Verse 114

Nominations are only open to organisations that have been trading for fewer than five years. The judging panel will be looking for innovative business ideas or a clear point of differentiation. The winner may be offering an established product/service innovatively or may have carved out a market for something entirely new. Our judges are more future-potential focused rather than the organisation’s turnover and profits at these early stages.

Family Business of the Year

Excelling in a family-owned business.

“The best of you is he who is best to his family and I am the best among you to my family.” Tirmidhi

Islam attaches great importance to the family unit and regards it as the cornerstone of a healthy and balanced society. To celebrate collective efforts and achievements, this award shall be presented to a thriving organisation that is operated and managed by at least two members of the same family.

Micro Business of the Year

Successfully running a one to two-person business

“That man can have nothing but what he strives for.” Surah an-Najm, Verse 39

Establishing a business in the UK’s competitive market environment is no ordinary feat. We celebrate the successes of small enterprises that contribute towards the betterment of the Muslim community. We welcome businesses from all backgrounds, run by 1-2 persons (including sole traders), that can provide proof of being established on solid foundations.

Small Business of the Year

A growing dynamic business operation run by fewer than 20 employees

“And my success is not but through Allah. Upon him I have relied, and to Him I return.” Surah Hud, Verse 88

Outstanding products or services delivered by a great team of fewer than 20 employees. Our judges will be looking for impressive financial, Innovative marketing, excellent customer service, and an awareness of your commitments to the community. The company should be able to demonstrate strength in all aspects of its business.

Medium-Sized Business of the Year

An established business operation run by more than 20 employees

“Faithful believers are to each other as the bricks of a wall, supporting and reinforcing each other.” Al-Bukhari

Based on the same criteria as the Small Business of the Year category, this accolade will celebrate an outstanding business employing more than 20 people.

Technology Business of the Year

Achieving growth through digital innovation

“O Allah, benefit me with what You have taught me, and teach me that which will benefit me, and give me knowledge that will benefit me.” Tirmidhi

This award recognises innovative companies delivering outstanding products or services through the utilisation of technological applications. The award is also open to all businesses that have utilised technology to improve operational performance, customer service, increase turnover and profit margins. We welcome businesses of all sizes and backgrounds.

Food & Beverage Business of the Year

Setting the standard in halal dinning

“O you who have believed, eat from the good things which We have provided for you and be grateful to Allah if it is [indeed] Him that you worship.” Surah Al-Baqarah. Verse 172

This award is open to restaurants, cafés, takeaways, hotels, catering companies as well as food & beverage product businesses that are either independent or part of a franchise/chain. The winner will best demonstrate a strong brand, innovative marketing practices and a high percentage of positive online customer reviews.

Travel and Tourism Business of the Year

Demonstrating creative and commercial success in the travel industry

“And he has placed firm mountains on earth, lest it sway with you, and rivers and paths, so that you might find your way.” Surah an-Nahl, Verse 15

Winning this accolade provides a great opportunity to gain recognition for delivering exceptional services. Witness your work celebrated, as a source of best practice, by your peers and community. We welcome entries from successful tourism-related enterprises, travel accommodation providers and tour operators (destination holidays and hajj & umrah). To be considered for this category, businesses must provide evidence of catering to Muslim travellers.

Professional Services Business of the Year

Service based businesses achieving excellence

“The Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) said, “May Allah show mercy to a man who adopts a kind attitude when he sells, buys and demands for the repayment of loans.” Al-Bukhari

This category welcomes businesses that demonstrate excellence in the professional services sector. Entries must provide evidence of strong financial performance, excellent customer services and a unique selling point which sets them apart from their competitors. Open to organisations of any size, that contribute innovatively, in any aspect, to their practice areas.

Fashion Business of the Year

Paving the way in modest fashion

“Allah is beautiful, and He loves beauty.” Sahih Muslim 91

The accolade will celebrate British fashion businesses who have made an impact in the past year through creativity in product design, sustainability initiatives, customer experience and campaigns. The winner must exhibit a strong brand and high rates of customer satisfaction.

Businessman of the Year

Outstanding entrepreneur

"The honest and trustworthy merchant will be with the prophets, the truthful, and the martyrs.” Tirmidhi, Buyu, 4

Strong commercial performance, significant growth, overcoming challenges, innovation and strong leadership, will define the winner of this coveted category along with a clear vision of where they want to take their business in the future. This award will recognise an individual who has been instrumental in the overall success of a business.

Businesswoman of the Year

Outstanding entrepreneur

“The honest and trustworthy merchant will be with the prophets, the truthful, and the martyrs.” Tirmidhi, Buyu, 4

Strong commercial performance, significant growth, overcoming challenges, innovation and strong leadership, will define the winner of this coveted category along with a clear vision of where they want to take their business in the future. This award will recognise an individual who has been instrumental in the overall success of a business.

Financial Services Business of the Year

Excellence in financial services

“Deal not unjustly and you shall not be dealt with unjustly.” Al-Baqarah. Verse 279

Open to financial services organisations which have created innovative and successful businesses. Their operations, promotional activities, products and customer services sets them apart from the competition. The judges will be looking for evidence of sustainable growth and revenue. This award is open to accountancies, banks, building societies, stockbrokers, funding bodies, investment management and corporate advisory service providers.

Real Estate Business of the Year

Celebrating the best UK’s real estate industry

“The one among you who wakes up secure in his property, healthy in his body and has his food for the day, it is as if the whole world were brought to him.” Al Bukhari

This award category is open to all businesses operating in Britain’s competitive residential and commercial property market, from lettings and estate agencies to property developers and more. This award represents a mark of excellence celebrating the high levels of achievement by companies in all sectors of the real estate and property industry.

Community Business of the Year

Giving back to the community

“The best of people are those that bring most benefit to the rest of mankind.” Daraqutni

This award category celebrates social enterprises that are born out of a need to serve the community. Judges are looking for philanthropic initiatives and effective strategies that have or are currently contributing towards the betterment of their communities at local or national levels.

There are many types of corporate businesses embarking upon noble missions and demonstrating corporate social responsibility. If you are not a social enterprise, you may still be eligible by providing evidence of engagement in activities supporting the community by proof of charitable donations, investments of profits and resources, and assistance programmes.

Excellence in Diversity, Business Award

Supporting a diverse workforce

“Show forgiveness, enjoin kindness and avoid ignorance.” Surah Al-A’raf. Verse 199

This year, we have introduced a special category that recognises an organisation, individual, team, group or network that demonstrates the very best practices in diversity, equality and inclusivity in the workplace. This award represents our collective gratitude for initiating and paving the way in removing barriers and improving the working experience and engagement levels of employees belonging to the Islamic faith. All entities are eligible for nomination that excel in fair recruitment practices, high retention rates, and promotion of employees belonging to the Muslim community.

Lifetime Achievement in Business Award

Business personality representing achievement and longevity

“If you are grateful, I will surely give you more and more.” Surah Ibrahim. Verse 7

This award will recognise the business personality who best represents success and longevity. The award acknowledges the winner’s sustained achievements within the business community during the span of their distinguished career. Nominations for the Lifetime Achievement in Business award category are at the judging panel’s discretion.

Islam Channel Chairman Award – Business of the Year

Industry leader

“And my success can only come from Allah. In Him I trust, and unto Him I return.” Surah Hud. Verse 88

The recipient of this award will be chosen by Mohamed Ali Harrath, Chairman, Islam Channel. Self-nominations are not permitted for this category. The winner will be deemed ultimate among outstanding enterprises for best demonstrating exceptional financial returns, strong growth and innovation strategies, and market leadership in its respective sector.